Consulting Services

The world of youth sports can be a difficult one to maneuver. With so many moving pieces: children, parents, coaches, leagues, competition levels and more, it can sometimes be difficult to make heads or tails of it all. Over the years I have helped many families navigate difficult situations and mentored and trained many coaches at the youth sports level who have impacted thousands of lives! I can help you too by offering you online consulting/training customized to your situation. We can work together to evaluate your situation and see if I can help, with no obligation to you.

So if you need some practical advice/guidance from an experienced coach, this is your chance.  If you have any questions about program, pricing, how it works or want to get started, please contact me directly: or fill out this form: Coach Chris Sports Training Inquiry

Here are just some of the ways I can help…

For Leagues/Organizations: 

Do you have an organization or group of parents that could benefit from working with an experienced coach? Are you a league that has parent coaches but don’t have very much in the way of training those coaches? I can help train your coaches and ensure that they are as prepared as possible to offer a safe, quality, fun experience for the children they coach and their families.

For Parents:

Are you new to the youth sports scene and have some questions? Maybe you are not sure what to watch out for, what to expect or how to approach situations that might arise? Or are you an experienced sports parent who’s child is moving into an unknown situation with a new team, competition level or sport and you have some questions or concerns that I might be able to help with? Having been on every side of the youth sports game I can offer insight and thoughts to help guide you through any situations you might encounter.

For Parent Coaches:

New to the coaching game and need some guidance on planning practices, how to effectively communicate with players and families to provide the best experience possible for you and your players? I can help you develop practice plans, give you outlines of key ideas, specific tactics, and tools that you can use to guide you (and your team) during your season and help the players have a positive experience and build a love of the game.

For Young Athletes:

Is your child having a difficult time with sports and you feel that an experienced coach with an outside perspective might be able to help? There is almost no situation or issue I have not witnessed or experienced either as a player or a coach. I have used this experience to help teach, motivate, coach and guide thousands of children through difficult sports-related situations and can help your child as well. My goal is always to be a positive, safe and encouraging voice to young athletes with the hopes of promoting long-term participation in sports and athletic and personal growth.

There is nothing crazy about asking for help or advice when it comes to youth sports. Coaching and working with children in an effective manner is a skill just like any other offered in the world today. And like any other skill, it takes time, patience and experience to develop methods, tactics, strategies, and knowledge necessary to effectively communicate with young athletes and their families. Let my years of experience help you and your family get the most out of youth sports!

For Information on any these consulting options please contact me directly at or fill out this form: Coach Chris Sports Training Inquiry