Coach Chris sports is based on three things: Try your best, learn and have fun. This simple philosophy is how I approached coaching every day for over 15 years. As a coach, teacher, director, and administrator I mentored and trained hundreds of coaches and worked with thousands of children and families to share my joy and passion for sports. _C3A9027-s

Sports provide an endless number of benefits and can be very valuable to children and families but to be valuable and effective, it has to be done right. I have a passion for coaching and youth sports but always felt limited by geography. I could only impact the children and families that I could coach in person. With youth sports participation on the decline, I decided to start Coach Chris Sports as a way to provide quality, positive, affordable and convenient coaching to as many children and families as possible. The overriding goal is to help children and families; create memories, learn the lessons and build a passion, love, and appreciation for sports. At Coach Chris Sports we learn together, we succeed together and we fail together but we are always moving forward and building skills, together. 

For children, there are instructional videos to develop skills and motivational/educational videos that use sports to teach and help develop them as people. 

For adults, there is content designed to help navigate the world of being a sports parent and/or parent coach, tips and tricks for handling different situations, to learn about sports more in-depth and so much more…

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my journey. I truly hope you enjoy CoachChrisSports.com. 


Coach Chris